Our Mission

We will serve and protect our client’s investment by performing to the highest Industry standards and customer service.

Our Values

We will treat each client’s home as our very own and committed to serving with uncompromising integrity that every client deserves.

Our Vision

To set the standard as a leader and innovator in the Georgia Home Inspection Industry.

Buy your next home with confidence, without breaking a sweat.

Anchor-Safe is here to help you be 100% sure about the property’s condition that you are planning to buy. Our comprehensive home inspection in Jackson is strictly non-invasive and can be concluded in 2-3 hours for an average American home. This means your seller won’t have any problem with the inspection, and you can have peace of mind by fully understanding what you are buying. We are Jackson Home Inspection specialists you can trust upon.

We will inspect every structural aspect of the property, including foundation, roof, attic, crawl spaces, basement, floors and walls to name a few. If there are any pre-installed appliances, we’ll inspect them too. Besides, our home inspection can uncover hidden defects in the plumbing and electrical systems, such as burst pipes, dripping faucets, running toilets, exposed wires, broken switches and even potential short-circuit situations.

All major and minor defects that we find are documented in a detailed inspection report that comes in handy at the time of price negotiation. Book your Jackson home inspection for buyers today!

Best Home Inspector Jackson

Are you looking for a reliable home inspector in Jackson? Contact Dino of Anchor-Safe for all types of residential home inspections, be it a condominium or duplex. With over 19 years of experience in the construction industry, Dino has the discerning eye to identify defects that may not be evident otherwise. He offers the best Jackson home inspection services.

Being your local home inspector in Jackson, Dino is a name you can trust and reach out to anytime. Dino is a certified home inspector with formal training in inspecting residential properties of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are buying a home for yourself or as a rental property, it has to be perfect from the investment standpoint.

Dino can help you get grips with the property’s condition so that your final decision is an informed one.

Call now to schedule your Jackson home inspection.