Your home is most likely the biggest investment of your life. It is not just a shelter for you and your family but a reason for your peace of mind and security. We know how precious your dwelling is to you, hence we regard it as our very own while servicing. Our certified and trained home inspectors provide comprehensive home inspection services and don’t leave even a nook or a nail while inspecting. Whether you need an electrical inspection in Dekalb County or pre-purchase inspection, our inspectors can do all of it. They will inspect your home thoroughly using the latest tools and technology to ensure everything is perfectly inspected and nothing is left unattended.

At Anchor-Safe Home Inspections, the process of inspecting your home is done by keeping in mind the standards set by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). We are committed to serving our clients with the uncompromised level of service they deserve. Also, we are a team of nationally certified, licensed, and bonded home inspectors in DeKalb County. Our staff is fully equipped with adequate knowledge and expertise to inspect the following property types:

  1. Residential Homes
  2. Buyers and Sellers
  3. Annual Check-ups
  4. Duplexes property
  5. Pre-purchase home inspection

With over 19 years of residential and building science experience, our staff has not just become experienced but also passionate about rendering home inspection services to clients. If you are looking for a professional team for Dekalb County inspections, then count on us. We will ensure the entire process is done with thorough due diligence and nothing is left to chance. Call today to book an appointment with Anchor Safe Home Inspections, we don’t charge a penny for a quote. Call- 770-318-7135, email-

Professional Home Inspector DeKalb County

Uncertainty always comes with a lot of stress, particularly when you are buying a home where you are already going to shed a major chunk of your savings. It can be outright scary if you don’t know what you are getting into. Hence, professional Dekalb County building inspections can be your best bet. You deserve to know every minute detail of your potential property to save yourself from future unpleasant surprises. Whether you need a Dekalb County electrical inspector or flooring inspector, you can count on Anchor Safe. Our team of certified home inspectors will include thorough checking of the following parts of your home:

  1. Electrical faults
  2. Any visible cracks
  3. Safety issues
  4. Plumbing issues
  5. Dampness
  6. Problems related to woodwork
  7. Bad flooring

Our staff will expose any significant structural or mechanical issues related to your property and will also inspect and reveal any broken, defective, and hazardous issues within the property or in the surrounding areas. Our inspectors will then draft a comprehensive inspection report stating all the findings clearly with the help of images and videos for better clarity and understanding. It will also reveal any faults that might risk the safety of your property in the long run. Call Anchor safe home inspections today for a better understanding of the subject.

Certified Home Inspector DeKalb County

Buying property on a mere reference by a friend or a relative is no longer a great idea. With the presence of expert home inspection services, you can evaluate the pros, cons, and other property-related information thoroughly through the eyes of professionals. Our team of professionals is trained to identify even a little fault present inside your property. Thousands of homes exchange hands and the majority of them have multiple defects in them, if left unseen and unattended can cause major headaches for you and your family in the future.

Expect outstanding care and customer service from our technicians’ pre, post, and during the entire inspection process. Our forward-thinking company constantly delivers top-notch results keeping the convenience of the customers a priority. For Dekalb County inspection scheduling, call us now!